Virginia's Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) 

What is it? Which companies are affected? Get practical tips to prepare your business.

Questions and (Preliminary) Answers

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Andrew Miller
Workshop Digital

As Co-Founder and VP of Strategy at Workshop Digital, Andrew keeps his eye on the horizon to prepare his teams for the future of digital marketing.

Why does the CDPA matter to your business?

Larissa Williams

Director of SEO at Workshop Digital

Consumer opinions are really solidifying when it comes to data privacy. Those opinions are also turning into actions

There's an emerging cohort of consumers who can (and have!) ditched companies based on their privacy policies. 

Being at the forefront of data security is not just about complying with laws like CDPA; it's making an investment in a growing segment of consumers and clients.

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Randy Franklin

Randy brings 20 years of outcome-focused technology experience to Terazo, combining significant expertise in cloud computing architectures, information privacy, and security.

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Who does the CDPA apply to?

What does the law require?

How will it be enforced?

How should Virginia companies prepare?

How does it compare to other privacy regulations?

When does it take effect?

Hosted by Derek Gleason, SEO Lead Analyst at Workshop Digital


Christopher Jones
Sands Anderson

Chris is a business-minded attorney with more than 10 years of experience advising organizations dealing with technology and data-related matters, including cybersecurity, data security, and privacy.

Understanding Virginia's Consumer Data Privacy Act (CDPA)