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Have You Ever Tried To Optimize One Of These?

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A Better Landing Page Process

Step 1: Know Thy Customer

Focus on the user first.

Step 1: Research and Analysis

Step 2: Develop A Hypothesis

Pain Points 


Anomalies Between Segments

Customer Journey

“We expect to improve {metric} by {delta} by helping visitors {problem}. To do this, we will {solution} and measure {metrics}.”

Step 3: Plan Your Test

Step 2: Develop A Test Hypothesis 

Step 4: Start Building!

Success Metrics / KPIs

Testing Platform

Step 3: Plan Your Test

Traffic Channels & Audiences

A/B Test Duration

> 43 Quintillion Landing Page Permutations

Don't be tempted to jump ahead to this stage without user insights and a test plan!

Step 5: Never Skip QA Day

Step 4: Design, Write, and Build (Finally!) 

Step 5: Technical Implementation & QA

Step 6: Rinse & Repeat
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Scale Your LPO Program

Complete The Final Exam

Step 6: Results & Repetition

Bust Through Performance Plateaus

Prioritize Based On Impact and Level of Effort

Simplify Communication and Reporting - Insights > Data

How does your LPO process differ?

What tools do you prefer?

What will you do next?

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