Where does your website stand?

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Where does your dental website stand?

Our guide discusses best practices shared by top-ranking dental practice websites. In it, we discuss original research that uncovers important trends, including:

  • Why differentiating your practice is more important than ever
  • Opportunities to improve the patient experience and beat your competition
  • How following best practices can correlate to more visibility in search results

Improve your website experience. Gain new patients.

Our original research illustrates what a best-in-class patient experience truly means. Here's a quick sneak peek of our findings:

  • 95% of top-ranking sites have a table of contents (sitmap.xml file)
  • 42% of top-ranking dental practice websites have a blog
  • 77% of top-ranking dental practice websites display their phone number on every page

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Workshop Digital provides handcrafted digital marketing solutions. Our SEO, PPC, and CRO services help dental practices and other brands get found online. With years of collective healthcare marketing experience, we take the time to understand your practice’s unique challenges. But we know that success is more than rankings or clicks. It's about attracting prospects and converting them into new patients.

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