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Customer retention keeps brands competitive.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the marketing adage that acquiring a new customer costs more than retaining an existing one. It’s true that your current customers are more profitable than new ones. In addition to building your brand, loyal customers drive more margin over time.
In uncertain markets, customer retention tactics can be the quickest, most profitable path to incremental revenue growth. While it’s impossible to predict the future, digital marketing can help your financial brand stay on top when consumer spending is high—and safe it’s low.

Digital marketing anticipates market changes.

An integrated digital marketing plan accounts for both retaining existing customers and gaining prospective ones, should there be shocks to the economy. Our free guide discusses how investing in digital marketing now can help:

Handcrafted digital marketing solutions for financial businesses.

From staying on top of new tools, to abiding by compliance regulations, navigating the digital world is complex. As 2020 reminded us, market fluctuations and economic downturns happen without warning. But no matter what, your strategy must be tailored around your customers.

At Workshop Digital, we work with financial teams to build customized digital marketing strategies. Our integrated digital marketing solutions account for both existing customers and prospective ones, should there be any changes in the market.

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Anticipate change. 
Drive revenue.

In Q3 of 2020, nearly 25% of customers said they were planning on switching financial institutions in the next year or two, according to Foresight Research. Whether you’re a regional credit union or a burgeoning fintech startup, it’s important to invest in sales and marketing tactics that account for change. So, how do you compete in a cluttered, unpredictable market?

Some of our financial clients

It’s true that you cannot sway public trends. And the economy is always subject to fluctuations. However, to prepare for the long-term, marketers can focus on educating consumers, building brand awareness, and nurturing existing relationships. This guide will teach you which tactics help your financial organization stay competitive—no matter the state of the economy.

Build trust with current and prospective customers

Keep your brand top of mind during times of uncertainty

Meet new customers when they’re ready to begin shopping again

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